• Ardeche

Between rivers and mountains

Exploring the south of the Ardèche

The Ardèche, filled with mineral landscapes of caves and deep gorges, was shaped by water and time. Man has always managed to cope with this unspoiled and untamable nature to live in the Ardèche, from the era of the wall paintings in the Chauvet cave to the medieval villages set between the meanders of the rivers or on top of the hills. The entire region is scattered with typical villages, many of which are listed as ‘Most beautiful villages of France’.

The Ardèche is a region of delicious products that may be found on the markets, but it also offers outdoor sports and water sports like mountain biking and canoeing. From camping la Nouzarède, you can explore the south of the Ardèche, boasting tourist sites like the Pont d'Arc, leading to the famous gorges.